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JD's Atlantic Pool Service, LLC are NSPF® Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPO®), fully licensed and insured to serve the commercial pool industry. JD's specializes in commercial pool cleaning service in east Central Florida from Edgewater, New Smyrna, Port Orange, and Daytona up to Ormond Beach. We are able to offer premium quality service by understanding the stringent demands of each commercial client and then creating a unique plan to fulfill those demands. Commercial pools represent a large investment for their owners and often are the centerpiece of their property. When you consider all the factors; the difficult heat, rain and salt conditions from our climate; the high seasonal bather loads; and the State of Florida and Volusia County laws, it is easy to understand the requirement that your pools are professionally maintained.

At Jd's we service pools by using the most modern technologies, equipment, and products. This process starts by understanding the pool system as designed and then making sure the system is operating as designed. Next, we use the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to determine water balance, while other companies use paper test strips to guess at the pool chemistry. Based on this testing we then design a comprehensive plan, a systems approach, to consistently supply safe and clean pool and spa water and also to properly maintain systems and equipment. Clean balanced water means that the system operates more efficiently and effectively, keeping operating costs down and swimmers and owners happy. Clean balanced water and effective equipment operation significantly reduces the potential for catastrophic failure due to high bather load. An important part of maintaining water balance is the reliable application or dosage of sanitization chemicals such as chlorine or sodium hypochlorite through adjustable metering pumps. JD Schofield has 25 years experience working with pumps and is an authorized Repair Station for Stenner® peristaltic metering pumps and parts. The final part of this process is to fully document water treatments and quality. At JD's we maintain accurate records on your property, open for inspection at any time.

A major factor in a clean pool is an effective filter. We use Purifiber® Filter Media, ninety-five % of other commercial pool cleaning services use DE. DE has a tendency to clog filters under high bather loads. DE is also very, very unfriendly to local municipal pollution control plants (DE is actually banned/illegal in several countries.) Purifiber®, a high performance filter media, is a biodegradeable cellulose product (it comes from trees) that is a significant step to making your pool and your community environmentally safe.

We feature Hammer-Head® Vacuum Technology. The ultra powerful Hammer-Head® system is far different than the traditional vacuuming used by other companies. The Hammer-Head® is a self-contained vacuum system. This means that all the debris that is vacuumed remains inside the Hammer-Head® rather than going into the owner's pool's pump, filter, heater and other system equipment. Besides providing a cleaner pool, the Hammer-head® system reduces wear and tear on the owners equipment.

Sparkling pools are important, but that's only one of the requirements faced by our commercial clients. Other important needs of commercial clients include dependability, professional integrity, and reliable communications with ownership, management, and with Volusia County Health Inspectors. The real passion of JD's Atlantic Pool Service, and the basis of our long term relationship with our clients is in meeting these specific needs.

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